Former Television Writer And “Millionnaire Maker” Reveals...
How you can infuse the high-octane cash sucking power of Hollywood into your sales machine
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Top Copywriter Keep them on your sales letter longer, absorbing your pitch unconsciously.
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And let me say... the return on investment we've gotten far outweighs the higher fees Vin commands.

Put simply... we recouped the cost of Vin's copy in the first 4 minutes of going live!

We passed the 1,000 sales mark for our e-book within the first 90 minutes... Shot to number 1 on Clickbank instantly...

And after just over 4 days, have made more than 4,000 sales with a 50+% upsell rate.

I think they call that money well spent.”
Chris McNeeny
AffiliateProjectX & DayJobKiller

...Are You Recouping Your Copywriter's Fees
In The First 4 Minutes Of Sales?

If not, then read on to discover the powerful film
and television secrets that have the direct response
marketplace rethinking everything they ever
thought they knew...

...The same secrets that put BILLIONS OF DOLLARS into
the pockets of the Hollywood Elite, can now shovel cash
into YOUR pocket... no matter how small your business
is right now, or whether it's online or off.

From The Desk Of Vin Montello
High Response Copywriter / Marketing Consultant
Los Angeles - Tampa - Raleigh
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Dear Savvy Business Owner,


Reality is... 

...these days, "good enough" just isn't "good enough."  

At least not when it comes to marketing.  And certainly not if you really want to break through to extreme profitability.  

You want results.

You could try to do it all yourself.  

But even surgeons don't do their own plumbing.  They call in a professional.

And the Internet is littered with men and women who have taken some flimsy e-course and now call themselves professionals.  

And what do most deliver?  One dimensional, cookie-cutter copy that does NOTHING to pluck your prospect's credit card out of their hands and stuff it into your wallet.

Come on... I'm not the only one who has seen the same fill-in-the-blanks sales page selling everything from dog training videos to books on poker.

Maybe you've even used copy like this.  And your campaign was a failure.

It's Not Your Fault

Not entirely at least.  

You hired a freelance copywriter, assuming they were all created equal.  Or you hired the cheapest copywriter you could find.  

Well... where did it get you?  What was your return on investment with that guy?

What's worse is your attempt to save money cost you a fortune in worthless copy and lost sales.

Now you know better.  You know you need a high response copywriter that delivers more than just the same old same old.

You know you need to separate yourself from the pack...

You need a powerful marketing weapon.

More than that... you need a Field Commander with an entire arsenal of weapons at his disposal.  Any one of which can give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

As you carefully read every word of this page, you're going to discover a secret. You'll learn what those in the know consider the biggest secret of successful online and offline marketing.  

It's a secret the big fat ad agencies seem to have forgotten.  And most modern copywriters never even bothered to learn.

A secret the truly successful marketers know all too well.

A secret that has been hiding in plain sight your entire life. 

Hi.  I'm Vin Montello.  

Unlike most copywriters out there today, I don't come with a journalism or business background. I come from the world of entertainment.

I honed my skills -- the same skills I use to put dead presidents into my clients' pockets -- working for almost 18 years as a writer in Hollywood.  

I've written comedy, drama and even reality television.  And no matter what the  genre, the most important element needed for success is still the same.


Compelling... gotta'-tune-in-every-week... stories.

I spent nearly 2 decades honing my craft... telling entertaining stories on television.

But then something tragic happened, that would force me to re-map my journey. That life-changing event brought me to the threshold.  To completely rethink the life I was leading.  

But I'll tell you more about that later.  

Right now, all you need to know is that event pushed me to discover everything I could about marketing and copywriting.  

I studied and studied some more.  I put hundreds of hours into learning from the best in the industry.

I'm talking about legends, some living and others long gone.

True masters like...

"Sales Have Soared,
Even After Raising
My Price...
"Before I hired Vin to write my new sales letter, I was already #1 on Clickbank and making pretty good money. To be honest, I wasn't sure if new copy could help things much.

Boy was I pleasantly surprised!

Since relaunching my product, sales have soared, even after raising my price by nearly 45%

That not only means more sales, but more profit from each sale.

Whenever other marketers ask me if hiring a world class copywriter is worth the money, I say 'definitely'
and then I give them Vin's email address." 
Sean Nalewanyj

"Vin You Are

A F---ing Genius!"
"Wow... this is the best money I have ever spent in my business.

The first time I read my new copy my heart rate increased.  My blood pressure actually went up!

My conversion is now through the roof and I set all time sales records two pay periods in a row! And that's with ZERO traffic from AdWords. 

My Clickbank position has increased from 97th to 11th!  

Vin has proven to be more than just a great copywriter. He has been an honest, no B.S. mentor, coach and friend to me since I brought  brought him onto my team!"
Vince DelMonte

"Converting At
Like 90%..."
"The sales letter you wrote for me helped me hit five figures in sales
in the very first day... squeeze page that you wrote was converting at like 90% which is unheard of...

I thought the testing software was broken but talking with the actual creator of it, he was shocked as well, because it was working just fine.

I just wanted to thank you and say you rock big time!!!"
Eric Rockefeller
  • David Garfinkel
  • Gary Halbert
  • John Carlton
  • Claude Hopkins
  • Joe Sugarman
top copywriter
  • Victor Schwab
  • Bob Bly
  • Dan Kennedy
  • Michel Fortin
  • David Ogilvy

And I ate it all up.

I got so much from that experience.  Tactics... secrets... long-lost plans of persuasive attack... and more.  

True gems that lesser marketers haven't even heard of.


Profits The "Big 3" money seizing opportunities in all good advertising campaigns.  Pass up just one and you could be leaving piles of money on the table.
Profits "The 7 Wonders Of Successful Copy" - Like monuments to the Gods of Advertising, these seven sneaky tricks help your product  tower over the competition.
Profits "The 21 Point Checklist" that must be met in order for your copy to make you dime 1.  Forget to run your copy through this checklist and you can kiss your investment good-bye.
Profits "The 6th and 7th Senses Of Explosive Copy"  - This blew my mind.  It's so simple, yet 99% of your competition doesn't even know it exists!
Profits "The Weapon of Mass Conversion" - If you don't have this arrow in your quiver, then your message is probably going to miss the target every single time.
Profits "The 3 Sneaky Tactics" Of Hypnotic Selling Imagine your sales letter secretly commanding the reader to buy.
Top Copywriter "The 1 Word That Dooms 99% Of Bad Copy Eliminating this word from your sales message almost guarantees you'll make more money.

Now that was plenty.

Those secrets were more than enough to put my copy above most out there today.  

But I wasn't done.  Not by a long-shot.  

I mixed all that knowledge with my storytelling abilities and the difference was remarkable.

Right out of the box, my copy began to get noticed.  

It was different.  I didn't just grab the readers attention, I latched onto their eyeballs and held on for dear life until they clicked the "buy" button. I quickly got a reputation as an expert copywriter who delivers high response copy.

What's my secret?


It's one  that too few copywriters truly understand is...

"Facts Tell... But Stories Sell"

Joe Sugarman, the marketing genius that sold over 50,000,000 pairs of BluBlocker sunglasses attributes much of the product's success to storytelling.

“Telling a story can effectively sell your product, create the environment or get the reader well into your copy as you create an emotional bonding with your prospect."
Joe Sugarman
"The Grand Daddy Of Modern Copy"

Here's what  Expert Copywriter Michel Fortin had to say...

“All great copywriters AND all great sales
people also have one thing in common…  They are also great storytellers."
Michel Fortin
"The Copy Doctor"

And "The World's Greatest Copywriting Coach", and mentor to today's Million Dollar Copywriters, knows the reason why...

"Stories are really the best way to reduce or eliminate sales resistance."
David Garfinkel
"World's Greatest Copywriting Coach"

No matter where you turn you can't help but trip over some copywriter claiming that his or her copy makes the difference.  

And most have no proof... just promises.

"How 'Bout Some Proof?"

Back in 2006 when I first began my transition from Hollywood storyteller to marketing storyteller, a pair of well-known copywriters, Matt Marshall and Mike Morgan held a live copywriting competition.  12 professionals, writing letters for 2 different products.

Each week, 2 letters for the same product went head-to-head, live on the Internet.  

The numbers were tallied.  And the results were startling... to the marketing community, and to me as well.

Not only did I win, (selling more product than anyone in either niche), but in my niche...

"I outsold my nearest competition 
by more than 416%!"
In fact, I outsold all the other writers
in my niche... COMBINED!

Winning that contest was my "proof of concept."  I now knew that my brand of copy-- what I call "Hollywood Storytelling" was not only unique... it was a winner.

What followed was months of refining my craft, all while making boatloads of money for my clients. And yes... I made some millionnaires.

It was during that time when I created ways to use story, that are unique to me. 

I not only utilize the advanced tactics other master copywriters employ, but I also bring storytelling techniques from scripted television... to the written sales message.

Make no mistake about this... 

I do it in a way that most readers don't even realize that I'm doing it. It becomes almost invisible within the sales message. 

And hitting them when they don't even know they're being hit... now THAT'S powerful marketing. 

"Vin Is A Star..."
"He's one of the best storytellers in copy

If you're wondering why that's important, I'll let you in on a dirty little secret... Stories sell!

Vin's powerful sales stories get people reading. When they read, chances are, they'll convert into paying customers.

So, if you're looking for compelling copy that gets attention and leads prospects down the yellow brick road to a sale, hire Vin NOW.

If you wait... and the secret gets out, you'll be waiting months to get on his schedule!"
Michael Morgan
Top Copywriter/Marketer

Your next high response sales letter might include...

The 5  Fingers Of  High-Octane Story Copy
expert copywriter "The Deep Tease" - A proven tactic from the evening news that keeps your prospect on the edge of her seat.
expert copywriter "The Tag" - A sitcom trick that will have you laughing all the way to the bank.
expert copywriter "The Cliffhanger" - This throwback to your grandfather's day, can help you serialize your earnings!  
expert copywriter "The Protagonist"  - Every good story needs great characters.  You're not going to believe how much the right character can effect your bottom line.
expert copywriter "The Secret Structure" - Telling stories in a way never imagined in a sales message.  But one that can have you raking in the cash, hand over fist!

But you don't care what it is... You only care that it works. Well, guess what?  

It works... like gangbusters!

My powerful methods, along with time-tested, advanced, persuasion techniques, vacuums  up customer cash whether you're advertising with...

expert copywriter Offline Sales Letters and Postcards that order your reader to take action... not sometime in the future... not next week... but right now.
best copywriter Online Sales Pages and Auto-
responder Emails
that subconsciously train your prospect to buy from you now... and in the future.
best copywriter | Expert Copywriter Catalogs, Magalogs, and Podcasts with copy so tight your prospects will be hanging on every word, ready to buy whatever it is you're selling.
best copywriter | Expert Copywriter Video Sales Letters that go beyond Web 2.0 to the real future of online sales. Leap-frog over your competition by going past what is "now" to what will soon be.
best copywriter | Expert Copywriter 30 Second Television and Radio Commercials that put you so high above your competition you can't even see them from where you are.
best copywriter | Expert Copywriter And Even Half Hour Infomercials that entertain as well as sell.  With this double-pronged attack, you're practically picking up the phone and dialing your 800 number for them!

"This Is Good...
Very Good...
Very, Very Good..."
"Vin, I don't know many copywriters who could take a subject they weren't intimately familiar with and come up with such compelling copy, so quickly, that reads true to the subject the way you did.

Nicely done!"
David Garfinkel
Founder of
 World Copywriting Institute

"Punched Up The
Sales Numbers...
By A Full 45%!"
"Vin, this is fantastic-- your letter has really punched up the sales

not by 4%...

not by 5%...

but by a full 45%!" 
John F.
San Francisco, CA

"Vin's At The
Top Of That List."
"Recently, I co-hosted a copywriting battle to see which up-and-coming copywriter can really deliver the goods.

Vin Montello's copy sold more product than anyone else.  He won the battle hands-down.

These days I'm very busy.  The list of copywriters I pass clients to, is very short. 

Vin's at the top of that list.

If you need a "story that sells", contact Vin Montello."
Matt Marshall
Top Copywriter/Marketer

A Little Good News... A Little Bad News...
Then Some More Good News
You probably don't know this, but I've been trying to put up this web page for almost a year. 

But I've been so busy making tons of cash for my clients, that I haven't been able to steal more than an hour here and an hour there, to get it done. 

Like I said, it's taken MONTHS to get this far.

Then... just as I'm heading down the home stretch, I have to stop again!

You see... I just signed a long-term retainer deal with a big client. He... along with my regular clients is going to keep me very busy. I'm sure I won't get back to this page for a while. 

So... I have to cut it short.  I still have so much more to add.  More testimonials as well as the rest of the story I promised you. 

Sadly... they'll have to wait.
But here's the good news for you...

You want a busy copywriter!

That's right.  You want a top copywriter who is in demand. Someone you might have to wait a few weeks for. Someone who is so busy stuffing cash into his clients' pockets that your project has to be put "on deck."

The alternative is what?  Someone who can jump on your copy this very minute. Someone you can get dirt cheap. 

Just remember... you get what you pay for.

Look at it this way.  The best hair cutter in your town, has a chair that is never empty.

The honest mechanic who will fix only what's broken on your car, and never over-charge you... It takes days to get your car into his bay for even an oil change. 

"...Response Rate
Went Up 70%!"
"My company began marketing properties thru an infomercial.

We were somewhat successful with it.  But I felt we could do better.  

So I asked Vin to take a pass at the script.  

The next show... our response rate went up by 70%!

When you think your copy is hot, no matter who wrote it, send it off to Vin. 

He knows how to make it truly sizzle - and sell."
Kevin Casady
V.P. Marketing,
CondoTrader Inc.

"Get Him On
Your Team NOW!"
"Vin's experience in television along with his marketing savvy,  come together to make him the best storytelling copywriter you will find anywhere in marketing today.

And the big shot marketers are already taking notice.

If you're going for lame copy, you best go someplace else.

But if you are looking for a rare opportunity to infuse the most powerful persuasion tactics into your marketing, get him on your team NOW! You won't be disappointed."
Stephen Davies

The best lawyers.  The ones who win cases all day long, are not sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.  They're booked far in advance.

If you were on trial, and your life was hanging in the balance, you'd call the best lawyer you could get.  Even if you had to wait on hold.

Isn't the success of your business almost as important?  

“David Garfinkel's
 Highest Recommendation!”
“Vin Montello is a terrific copywriter who gets outstanding results.

One thing that sets Vin apart from many other copywriters is how well he knows how to use the most powerful persuasion technique of all, storytelling, with great creativity and in a compelling way. 

And, he understands when comedy actually works in sales, which almost nobody else does. 

I give him my highest recommendation.”
David Garfinkel

If you want results.  I mean, real-world-cash-in-your-pocket results. And you don't want to pay mid 5 figures for it, then it's worth it for you to contact me.  

I'm not kidding...

Imagine what could happen the day after you put your new copy live. You wake up, rub the sleep from your eyes.  You turn on the computer while pouring yourself a cup of coffee.  

Your inbox is flooded with sales.  More sales than you've ever had in one day.  

Can you imagine how great that feels?

Now tell me results like that aren't worth a little time on hold.

Tell me results like...

Top Copywriter "We recouped the cost of Vin's copy in the first 4 minutes of our site going live!"
Top Copywriter "Hit five figures in sales in the very first day..."
Top Copywriter "The next show our response rate went up by 70%!"

...aren't worth standing in line for.

But How Do You Know If
My Services Are Right For You?

You don't.  

But you can find out, simply by filling out the form below.  

Tell me a little about your business.  If I think we're a good match... and you think we're a good match... If together I feel we can help make your profits soar...then you are next in line.

Consider the alternative...  

More cookie-cutter copy that does nothing but
cost you money.

It's as simple as that.

Please... only contact me if you're serious about investing in your bottom line.

While my fees are not in everyone's range, I do have very qualified apprentices that charge much less than I do, and who are already heads above most of the rest out there.

If I can't help you... I'm sure one of them can. But only if you're ready to get serious.

Thanks for bearing with me and my incomplete web page.  Now I've got to get back to work generating a tsunami of profits for my clients.


best copywriter | Expert Copywriter

Direct Response Marketing Consultant
High Response Copywriter
“Millionnaire Maker”

PS - If you're serious about making money... I mean real money... you can't just hire any copywriter. You need someone with a proven track record of delivering high response, direct response copy. You need a top copywriter who has studied with the best... and written for the best. You need a millionnaire maker.

From time to time, schedules conflict, or other factors come into play and clients fall out of the queue.  That becomes an opportunity for you. Your project now takes first priority.  But only if you fill out the form below.

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